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Design the home screen of the app.

Create a style guide for the design.

Quality control throughout product development and only ship the highest quality possible.

Unlike most projects, I did not come up with the idea for this one. I was the one who executed it.


Give the the home screen a unique look and feel to separate it from other news apps.

Ensure optimal displays across iOS and Android phones, and iPad.

Create a style guide for visual designers to replicate and maintain the original design.

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Develop a special color treatment for the cover image using different splashes of color for each editions.

Tool used: Sketch, InVision, Photoshop.

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The diagonal cut creates a more modern look and help the headline stands out while balancing out the vibrant cover image. The placement of the image is also thoughtfully composed in the upper half of the screen.


Each cover image has a primary color to create an eye-catching, yet uniform look. The image is further enhanced to bring out just the right amount of contrast and white balance to achieve a color treatment that is artistic and unique.


To ensure consistency across all editions (US, Canada, UK, and Asia), I created style guides and templates for other designers to use.

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I provided training and ongoing support for a team of 20 members, which included designers and news editors. Managed and oversaw 56 shifts of news releases on a weekly basis that involved 4 different time zones.

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